Vision, mission, guiding principles, objectives and areas of intervention
1 year ago
Vision, mission, guiding principles, objectives and areas of intervention

ITPC WEST AFRICA works to ensure longer, healthier and more productive lives for people living with HIV, their families and communities in West Africa.

The mission of ITPC WEST AFRICA is to enable communities in need to have optimal access to treatment for HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and hepatitis

Guiding Principles

ITPC WEST AFRICA guiding principles are as follows:
-     Political and religious neutrality
-     Respect for Human rights and dignity
-     Gender Equality
-     Integrity and honesty
-     Valuing and respecting the diversity of PLHIV
-     Accountability and transparency in all activities


•      Capacity Building for communities in relation with treatment understanding.
•      Promote PLHIV-led advocacy focused on treatment policy at the local, national and regional levels.
•      Provide technical assistance to community organizations: training of community leaders in project writing, management and reporting.
•      Facilitate the development of grant-oriented partnerships for community-based organizations and the strengthening of alliances with global organizations for HIV / AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis and human rights.
•      Research and collect information on barriers to treatment and stockouts follow up, inputs and laboratory equipment.

Areas of intervention

Technical Assistancecivil society organizations (capacity building of organizations, community leaders in governance, leadership, resource mobilization and project management)

Advocacy for access to quality health services, and the effective implementation of international and national guidelines on access to treatment.

Operational research in matter of health

The establishment of community mechanisms monitoring and accountability through Community LED Monitoring or Community-LED Monitoring